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Vikings' Adrian Peterson Booked on Charge of Child Abuse

Vikings' Adrian Peterson Booked on Charge of Child Abuse
Adrian Peterson, the star Minnesota Vikings running back charged with child abuse, surrendered to Montgomery County, Tex., authorities early Saturday morning and was freed on $ 15,000 bond. Peterson flew to Houston on Friday night after practicing with …
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Adrian Peterson indicted, jailed on child abuse charge; Vikings deactivate RB
The Vikings benched Adrian Peterson for Sunday's game after his attorney said Friday he had been indicted by a Texas grand jury on a charge of child abuse. Attorney Rusty Hardin says Peterson is accused of using a branch, or switch, to spank his …

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Children are always paying attention when it comes to the latest and most well known cartoon on television or the latest movie. Aside from that, boys are also interested in the good old superheroes like Batman, Superman and so on while girls show a firm favorite when it comes to princesses, fairies and Barbie. Now this you can actually use these things when you are looking for a list of children birthday party ideas. The theme of your party can be based on these cartoons or it can be also be your child’s favorite singer or actor. Some kids would also rather have an animal-themed party or perhaps a character that they encountered from a favorite night-time storybook.

The best way for you to figure out different children birthday party ideas is for you to discuss it with your child who is celebrating his or her birthday. Even if a theme is not always necessary, a party is actually more difficult to plan if no theme is to be followed. If you have a specific theme to work with, it is much easier because ideas for invitations, food, decorations, activities, games and party favors will automatically fall in place. One thought will lead to another and you will have the whole party planned before to you know it.

When it comes to children birthday party ideas, picking a theme for a toddler depends on what your child like in this age. However, if your child is already a little bit older, it is better to let them write down their own ideas while suggesting a few ideas of your own. You can start planning with your child by writing down what you will need from the themes he has selected for himself. This includes decorations, birthday cake, food, the games that will be played, location as well as the party favors. Let your child pick about three themes that he likes and make a final decision by considering the budget, the ease of pulling off the whole thing and your child’s enthusiasm.

On the other hand, if your child is unable to decide on a specific theme, what you can do is just decorate the house with one color (preferably your child’s favorite color) and make this the theme of the party. All you need to keep in mind is that as long as you are being creative, your son or daughter’s party have the chance of being the year’s coolest event.

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Crafty Kids Playhouses is a leading manufacturer of Eco-Friendly Cardboard Playhouses. Our unique design and sturdy construction set our playhouses apart.

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Aug 21

Latest Protect Children From Injury News

7 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Backpack Injuries
While a backpack can help your student carry their books and supplies to and from school, they can also become a source of pain and injury if they aren't worn correctly. More than 28,600 individuals were treated with backpack-related injuries in 2013 …
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Point of View: New car seat law important for protecting states' kids
To prevent serious injuries and save lives, legislators agreed to broaden requirements for child restraint devices so children ages 4 through 5 will be protected when traveling in motor vehicles with their parents. There are some limited exceptions …
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Aug 09


Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) August 08, 2014

If you worry about your children injuring themselves on doors, then you need the DOOR BUDDY.

An inventor from Bastrop, Texas, created a prototype for the unit, which prevents children from pinching their fingers in the gap between the door and frame on the hinge-side of a standard door. The accessory protects children against injuries. It provides added peace of mind to parents and caregivers. Additionally, it is adaptable for use with any door, and it is easy to install.

The inventor’s personal observations inspired the idea. “I just tried to imagine something that no one had ever thought of before,” he said. “Once I decided that I wanted to invent something, it took me only 10 minutes to come up with this idea. I studied a door for two minutes, and then tried making a model with paper. I then made a cardboard model. All in all, it took me about 20 minutes.”

The original design was submitted to the Austin office of InventHelp. It is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For more information, write Dept. 13-AUP-380, InventHelp, 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368. Learn more about InventHelp’s Invention Submission Services at http://www.InventHelp.comInventHelp Client Inventions

Jul 28


It would seem as though more and more companies are taking the important steps of properly investing in their Human Resource departments. As any owner from a small business to large corporate conglomerate will tell you Labour and their workforce is the most important and valuable asset of their entire business. Keeping up to date with the latest case laws and employment legislation in South Africa can be a bit tricky at times, at best. Yet his is a crucial compartment to the success of any company for attracting the right type of talent and workforce to their business, and protecting both their own right and those of the employees.

Labour Guide offers many different types of courses and workshops directly related to the labour and employment industry in South Africa. All of their workshops and courses on offer enjoy extremely high regard in the industry for their relevant and well designed course material. Investing in the Human Resource department of a company is a direct investment in one of the most important departments in any company.

On offer are various industry relevant courses and workshops, all ETQA and SABPP compliant and accredited. These courses include Hazard Identification and Risk Management courses, Retrenchment workshops, workshops on Disciplinary Hearings, BCEA workshops, Construction Regulation courses and Occupational Injuries and Diseases in the Workplace. These are merely some of the most popular courses and workshops on offer, all continually updated with the latest cutting edge information available in an effort to secure its continued relevancy.

Labour Guide is proud to be a fully accredited Human Resource Training Provider. They are fully compliant to and accredited by the South African Board for Personnel Practice. Take a look at their well designed website where you will be privy to all the info you need to make well informed and educated decisions over investing in your most businesss most important department.


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Jul 16

Is law to protect children causing human flood at border? GOP sponsor stands by it

Is law to protect children causing human flood at border? GOP sponsor stands by it
Washington (CNN) – Is a law designed to protect children from human trafficking actually causing a humanitarian crisis along the U.S. southern border, allowing thousands of children to illegally surge into the United States? Amid the crisis and calls …
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Pope Francis: Immigrant Children Must Be 'Welcomed And Protected'
"This humanitarian emergency requires, as a first urgent measure, these children be welcomed and protected. These measures, however, will not be sufficient, unless they are accompanied by policies that inform people about the dangers of such a journey …
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To protect children, they must always be the priority
For example, it is really not difficult to look back and be horrified at the slowly building evidence of establishment complicity – at best – in a child abuse ring that involved public figures, and wonder why it seemed more important to protect the …
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Jul 04

Despite new law, debate over child protection continues

Despite new law, debate over child protection continues
17 CONNECTTWEETLINKEDINCOMMENTEMAILMORE. After more than a year of passionate debate, a new law that makes major changes to Florida's troubled child welfare system goes into effect this week. Gov. Rick Scott last Monday signed the measure …

Arizona's new child-welfare agency improving?
On paper, the state has a new child-welfare agency. Director Charles Flanagan is busy assembling his staff, and administrators are trying to accelerate caseworker training to get more boots on the ground. But the real test of whether the makeover of …
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LA County supervisors vote to hire 'child protection czar'
The new office will be run by a "child protection czar" with authority over a variety of departments to better coordinate care and prevent problems that have led to child deaths. To cut down on bureaucratic breakdowns that have also stymied child …
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Jun 22

Child Protection Associations in Marrakech

There are lots of child protection associations in Marrakech because, unfortunately, there are plenty of children who need protection. There are several reasons that make families abandon their kids in these shelter homes. Often these children are born of unmarried couples. In a traditional society like the Moroccan, a single woman or mother must face very difficult decisions, since they are repudiated by their family, which is the main social core in Morocco.
In other occasions, child abandonment is due to the economic impossibility of supporting the child. There are also drug addiction problems in both parents or because children from a woman´s first marriage who gets married a second time are not accepted by the new husband.
Contrary to what happens in countries like China, the number of abandoned girls is generally almost non-existent if compared to the number of boys. This happens because it is thought that the education of boys is problematic, especially during adolescence, because they enjoy more social freedom, while girls are more subject to family authority and discipline and are considered to be more docile and easier to educate.
The situation in those shelter homes for children is quite good. The children have clean facilities and well kept and, in some cases, such as that of the Dar Tifl association, they also have large and beautiful green spaces where they can run and play around. In any case, their financial resources are scarce, since government support is laughable. Children eat every day but their diet is not precisely balanced, because they cannot afford luxury products such as meat or fish. They also lack basic products such as nappies, clothes, soap, etc. We could say that life in an orphanage in Marrakech is decent but humble.
The staff that takes care of the children is not always skilled or properly trained, and this situation has led to some cases of child abuse. Luckily, some of these centres are organising training courses for caregivers and more exhaustive controls in order to avoid these unpleasant situations.
The possibility of adopting a Moroccan child by foreigners is remote but not impossible. According to Moroccan law, Moroccan families have priority over foreign families. This, together with the growth over the last few years of a wealthier Moroccan middle class, puts international adoption at a standstill. In any case, there is an indispensable requirement to be able to adopt a Moroccan child: both parents must be Muslim or convert to Islam.
Some child protection associations in the city of Marrakech that you can contact if you want to make your holidays a more constructive experience and an act of solidarity are:
Dar Tifl Association, tel. and fax 024 38 79 01. This is a shelter home for children and teenagers aged 4 to 22 approx. Both the person in charge of education and culture, Madame Amanda, and the director, Mr. Aziz Addi, will be very pleased to welcome you, to show you the premises and to tell you how you can be useful. The aim of this centre is not to find adoptive parents but to guarantee health care, education, accommodation and food to children who would otherwise lack them.
The Issil orphanage (tel. 05 24 30 74 00), whose director is Madame Lamia Lazrek, is an orphanage for small children. Children admitted are newborns to 6 years old, although there are exceptions (two disabled kids). They belong to the Moroccan Child Protection League,
Come to Marrakech and cooperate with these associations while you enjoy everything the Ochre City offers, from culture and a fascinating tradition, monuments and countless tourist attractions, to a delightful gastronomy and the widest range of shopping opportunities.
Moreover, hotels in Marrakech are of the highest quality and quite affordable, and particularly Marrakech riads, which are full of charm and very inexpensive. You can also stay in a wonderful villa in Marrakech, closer to the countryside, where its inhabitants will welcome you with open arms.

David Gonzalez-Company (BA Degree in Philosophy, Universitat de València (Spain); MA (Hons) Degree in Mental Philosophy, University of Edinburgh (UK); MA Degree in Comparative Literature, University of Washington (USA)) is a writer, journalist, educator and translator who has traveled extensively and has lived in several European, North American and African countries.

Training information to enable you to gain the knowledge to take the child protection test.
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Jun 10

From Helmets to Half-Shells: Boutique Resort Pioneer Turns Creativity Into Corporate Social Responsibility

Bangkok, Thailand (PRWEB UK) 12 October 2012

What could motorbike helmets, endangered marine turtles, community gardens, Bhutanese students, mini-dog collars and a Destiny’s Child possibly have in common?

The answer lies in that overused acronym: CSR. For many companies, planting a few trees or having a clean-up day ticks their Corporate Social Responsibility box. Not so for AKARYN Hospitality Management Services (AHMS) and its visionary founder and managing partner, Anchalika Kijkanakorn.

Each of the above mentioned, seemingly unrelated things are intimately joined through the web of AHMS’s innovative and unconventional CSR campaigns, under the umbrella of the company’s charity arm, the Pure Blue Foundation.

Most attention has focused on the Pure Blue Foundation’s efforts to protect endangered marine turtles by supporting the Turtle Sanctuary that neighbours Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Resort and Spa, the group’s stunning contemporary resort at pristine Natai Beach, 15 minutes north of Phuket International Airport.

Four turtles have been saved during the last two months alone from deadly plastic and fishing nets, and on December 1, 2012, the resort will stage its annual charity fund raiser to support turtle conservation and the Pure Blue Foundation.

The event will be hosted by resort General Manager Yann Gouriou in an evening packed with entertainment, from dancing and body painting to a fashion show presenting Gottex swimwear, and featuring well-known Window on Thailand TV host Able Wanamakok as MC for the evening with music by resident DJ Tiki from Le China Bar and Lounge in Paris. Tickets are available for THB2,222 each including an open bar and a chocolate decadence culinary experience. Contact for more information.

The foundation is also working closely with another neighbour, Natai Beach’s Khao Pillai School, to educate children on the importance of marine conservation and also to rebuild the school’s roof after a recent thunderstorm caused significant damage.

The group’s adults-only resort at Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui, akyra Chura Samui, has focused its attention on a CSR campaign to encourage guests, locals and other tourists to wear motorcycle helmets whenever they venture out onto Koh Samui’s roads in response to the island’s shocking road toll. This campaign is now set to be rolled out at all four of AHMS’s properties, which also include the new AKARYN Samui Resort and Spa, and the Aleenta Hua Hin – Pranburi Resort and Spa.

Other initiatives include an Aleenta “Wrist Collar” launched by Aleenta Hua Hin-Pranburi in response to a community-wide problem with abandoned and stray dogs. Fifty percent of the “Wrist Collar” price goes to helping homeless dogs, food and a neutering programme.

Aleenta Hua Hin-Pranburi has also spearheaded the Community Garden project, in response to Thailand’s overfishing crisis. Explains Ms Kijkanakorn: “Any community residents can stop by the garden and help themselves to our produce for free. In return, all we ask for is a little labour or some self-seeding future contributions.”

Ms Kijkanakorn’s other out-of-the-box CSR idea was the gesture to offer hospitality training at her group’s resorts to 26 trainees from the remote Kingdom of Bhutan, where tourism is in its infancy. “AHMS believes in education and training for future leaders,” she said. “We support trainees around the world and count over 10 nationalities working across our current operating properties from top hotel schools around the globe. AHMS was delighted to welcome 26 trainees from the Royal Institute for Tourism & Hospitality in Bhutan recently to work at our four resorts in Thailand. After training with us they will return to work in the country’s fledging hotel and travel industry.”

Now the focus would shift to making sure the Pure Blue Foundation fundraiser at Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga was a success, she said. Last year’s event, a molecular gastronomy spectacular which made waves as far away as Phuket and Bangkok, doubled the takings of the 2010 event, raising over THB400,000.

“We have upheld our pledge to educate local school children about endangered turtles, and took groups from Baan Khao Pilai school near the Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga resort to visit the Turtle Sanctuary that Aleenta sponsors,” said Ms Kijkanakorn.

“We also welcomed Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland to the resort in 2011, and it was gratifying to see the star express a keen interest in our work with endangered sea turtles. Guests can enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience of releasing hatchlings back into the wild.”

In July this year the Pure Blue Foundation started pioneering activities in coral regeneration on Koh Samui at Hanuman Bay, the location of AKARYN Samui, with the aim to increase coral species from 13 to 25. The latest initiative is taking shape and starting to build. But it takes time.

“We are not here to just make a quick buck but have long term commitments to all the environments around which we operate resorts,” said Ms Kijkanakorn. “For us it is what gets us up in the morning and gets us going – knowing that we are, however small, making a difference. This is our guiding philosophy.”

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Jun 06

Secured Cards for People with Poor Credit Wanting Cash Back Credit Card Rewards

Nowadays folks every-where are looking for easy ways to make or conserve money. There are many routes you might take, but one simple procedure includes utilizing cash back credit card rewards. There are several credit cards available which will supply you with numerous benefits for utilizing them. Although many of these rewards are stuff products or points like frequent flyer miles, some cards offer cashback.
These programs are good for all of us involved. credit card Inc gain because these rewards attract folks to apply for and utilize their cards. Clients win by developing benefits. Retail merchants may also benefit by integrating with the credit card business in order to provide bonus rewards. How these plans function count on the particular principles of the card you choose. However, there are some basic instructions that affect most and is here now to reveal these instructions, thus let us get started!
Regrettably, there are additionally some minuses to these cards. Cash-back credit card benefits commonly have added demands connected to the usage of the card. You might have to pay an yearly fee or there might be a minimal buy sum needed before cashing in on your own rewards. Occasionally these cards also come with higher rates of interest than additional, low-benefit credit cards. A select few of these cards need one to spend a charge to have a always check delivered to you.
Sometimes the individuals who must conserve money the many are the ones unable to get cash-back credit card wages, due to lousy credit. If your credit is subpar, you might be competent to get a guaranteed credit card that provides cash back. If you’ve got a guaranteed credit card, you’re required to continue deposit the same number which is available on your own card. This makes you less of a danger because if you default in your credit card payments, the bank has the cash on deposit to pay off your statement. This implies more banks are willing to provide individuals with lousy credit cashback wages cards. You may be billed interest on a guaranteed credit card, but you will not ordinarily have a yearly payment or service charge.
There are several different manners a card may let you to money in on your own rewards. You might be delivered an genuine check, be provided the option to pick from specific present cards, credit towards future purchases, or funds direct deposited into your accounts. Some companies offer cash that may just be invested in their own online marketplace. You may need to appear into these options before trying to get the card to be sure you can utilize the benefits.
If you’ve lousy credit, the greatest factor you may do is function on your own financing to bring your credit rating upwards. In the meantime, a secured card may help you to get right back on your feet.